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Pwyllgor / Committee


Cadeirydd/Chairman – Llyr Evans, Esgair Newydd, Betws Ifan
Is Gadeirydd/Vice Chairperson – Rhian Evans, Bronwydd, Coedybryn
Ysgrifenyddes/Secretary – Eleanor Colbourne, Anor, Ffostrasol, Llandysul SA44 4TD
Trysorydd/Treasurer – Bethan James, Pencaeau, Glynarthen
Llywydd/President – Mair Jones, Crugmor, Capel Iwan
Is Lywydd/Vice President – Seimon Thomas, Drysgolgoch

Aelodau’r Pwyllgor/Committee Members
Adrian Colbourne Lyn Evans Bethan James
Eleanor Colbourne Rhian Evans Geraint James
Megan Colbourne Rhys Evans Denley Jenkins
Aled Davies Richard Evans Jamie McCoy
Gari Davies Robert Evans John Phillips
Llion Davies Cennydd Eynon John Thomas
Dyfan Evans Tony Hack Llew Thomas
Llyr Evans Sarah Hull Glenys Williams

Pwyllgor yr Adran Garddwrddiaethol a Gwaith Cartref/Horticulture and Domestic Section Committee
Cadeirydd/Chairman – Rhian Evans, Bronwydd, Coedybryn
Ysgrifenyddes/Secretary – Glenys Williams, Maesypopty, Coedybryn


One thought on “Pwyllgor / Committee

  1. Have only just found out this years show is on line only!! No wonder I have not received a schedule. Cannot get the secretary on the phone as it is ‘out of service’. HELP!!! What can I do.

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