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Following veterinary advice the committee of the Tivyside Show would like to issue the following statement to those competing in the horse section.
We would like to inform those participating in the horse section of this years show that there have been a number of strangles cases across the UK and locally in recent weeks.
Signs of strangles infection include: nasal discharge, your horse being off colour, a high temperature, dull and reduced appetite. More information can be found on the following website . . . htt://www.bhs.org.uk/welfare-and-care/horse-health-and-sickness/strangles
If your horse has had contact with a horse known to be infected you must not attend the show. Horses will be asked to leave the show if there is any suspicion of disease on the day. This decision will be final.
We will be putting additional biosecurity measures in place on the day. There will be disinfectant foot baths which we strongly recommend you use. We will be providing additional space in the parking ground and show rings to minimise contact between horses. Please do not share buckets or grooming equipment with others at the show.
Please be vigilant as strangles is highly contagious. Please try and avoid direct contact with other horses or indirect contact through yourselves. If you follow all of the above advice then we are sure to have a safe and successful show.

Out of respect to our judges, please inform the secretary before Wednesday, 5th July if you intend to withdraw your entry.

Thank you for your co-operation
Tivyside Show Committee